Saturday, April 20, 2019

Strawberry Picking: A Poem for Spring & National Poetry Month!

Strawberry Picking
Our eyes full of plump, bright red berries, 
We run through wonders spread across endless fields of green, 
Day alive with giggles of laughter and the buzzing of insects, 
Blue sky bright with smells of freshly mown grass, lit with golden beams.
Small, sticky fingers grasp my hand,
Then release, rushing to the vines,
Picking berry after berry,
In the brilliant April sunshine.
We fill our baskets to bursting,
Plucking the ripest ones from the top,
Popping their tart, seedy sweetness into our mouths,
Juice falling down our chins in pink raindrops.
Our arms loaded heavy with tasty treasure,
We sing and swing as we carry our berries home together,
Lifting our faces to feel the warm, soft breeze,
Dazzling our hearts in Spring's glorious, joyful weather.
Copyright Stacie Eirich April 2019 
*A poem written in celebration of Spring & National Poetry Month, you can also find it within my current work-in-progress on Wattpad, an anthology of poems titled Her Rainbow WIngs. 

Poetry is truly my first writing and reading love, and I'm enjoying getting "back to my roots" this April. I'm also happy to announce that my science-fiction novella, Gaia: A New Earth - has been longlisted for the finals of the Open Novella Contest on Wattpad. Check them out at the links below! 

Wishing you a wonderful Spring weekend and a Happy Easter! Thank you for visiting my Author Blog. Stay tuned for more poems, stories & works-in-progress updates! Have a magical day. :-) 

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