Wednesday, February 5, 2020

February is for Lovers!

Hello Readers! February and the month of love is upon us. I'm celebrating a month of romance with not one, but two romantic stories-in-progress. One is a writing project I began last November during National Novel Writing Month, and the other is an entry to Wattpad's Open Novella Contest III, which runs from February-April 2020. Both are available to read for free on Wattpad as I'm writing them, and I hope you'll enjoy taking a look. 


A Highland Holiday by Stacie Eirich 
Fiona, a publishing assistant in New York City, dreams of a European vacation. She's been on the Air B&B waiting list for three years, hoping to go on holiday to run a small-town bookshop on the Scottish coast. 
When she receives notice, just weeks ahead of her thirtieth birthday, that she's next on the list - her best friend Jazmyn encourages her to take the plunge and book the trip of her dreams. 
What she finds when she arrives is a charming seaside town brimming with character, a bookshop filled with secrets - and the Scottish man of her dreams. *Cover Design by Violette @theendofeverything03 

La Belle Epoque by Stacie Eirich 
Twenty-year-old Estelle has never cared much for the frivolous finery her mother makes or the pompous, wealthy clients that frequent her Montemarie shop. But as the daughter of one of the most skilled couturières in Paris, she has learned how to behave among the Parisian bourgeoisie, how to become invisible in their company, and how to keep secrets. 
When an outbreak of cholera hits Paris, leaving Estelle on her own, she must continue her mother's work in order to survive. By day, she struggles to maintain clients and keep up her needlework. By night, she waitresses at The Moulin Rouge, admiring its famous artists, courtesans, can-can dancers and cabaret performers while dreaming of singing in an operetta.  
When Estelle meets the famous, enigmatic actress Mademoiselle Rachel and the beautiful, mysterious Countess La Castiglione, she is quickly pulled into a glamorous world of art, sex, scandal and intrigue. 
With the World's Fair and a royal ball approaching, she is given the monumental task of creating three dresses for the mistresses of Napolean III. Estelle knows the only way she can make three creations fit for Parisian royalty is through the magic she carries, and the music she craves. 
But the creation of three masterpieces will have dire consequences. They'll cost her the heart she has guarded, the music she has loved - and the secrets she has kept.
Thank you for visiting my Author Blog. Wishing you a wonderful day, and a February filled with sweet romance. :-) -Stacie 

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