Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Holiday Sweets & Bookish Treats!

Happy Holidays, Readers! 

Today I'm unwrapping some Holiday sweets & Bookish treats for you, including a Christmas poem, a collection of Wintry short stories and some exciting writing news!


The Christmas Star

Hands outstretched to crisp, radiant sun,

Her laughter, boisterous, her smile genuine, bright,
A season's joy sprung pine-fresh with frost anew, just begun,
 Giggling, playing, dreaming, she stretches in December's cool beams of light.

Hope rises like foam in clouds of ice-blue, 
She sings of angels, of gifts, of wonder and love,
Her song ascending with leaps, bounding toward heaven, fast and true, 
In jubilant celebration, blithesome awe, hushed anticipation of the star from above.

With a brilliance unmatched it shines in Winter's cold, 
Its warmth bringing bliss to souls ravaged and weary, 

Rushing into their hearts, its golden waves painting a path so bold,

Rejoicing together, resilient, through times dark and dreary.

She closes her eyes and sways, enveloped in shimmering light,
The Christmas Star proclaiming Peace through the still, silent night. 
Copyright Stacie Eirich, December 10 2019

You can read one of my short stories, Beneath the Bright Sky, in the Winter edition of Pink Dandelion Quarterly, a chick-literary magazine for writers and readers of women's fiction & romantic comedy. Free to read on Wattpad!


And now for some exciting writing news! As of December 2019, I'm a contributing writer to the St. Tammany Community News. Founded and published by Ann Benoit, this local, digital outlet aims to bring local news to Lousiana's Northshore cities within St. Tammany Parish. Click on the link to take a look! St. Tammany Community News You can also find city-specific Community News pages on Facebook, like & follow the ones you want to receive updates from. 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year with your family & friends! Thank you so much for reading and supporting my writing this year. I hope you'll continue on the journey with me in 2020! Thank you for visiting my Author Blog. May your holiday be filled with wonderful, magical experiences and people you love. :-) -Stacie

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

November is National Novel Writing Month!

Happy November & NaNoWriMo 2019! 

"You either start now, or it is not going to happen for you, and you are going to wake up at seventy years old (or eighty, if they are already seventy) filled with sorrow that you let your dream, your passion, gift, fall by the wayside. You start now, as is.” 

"For now—as is—out of practice and with only the vaguest idea what your story is about, describe one small piece of it for us, now, today, the best you can."
"Set the habit. One hour, or one page, one passage, one day at a time. Victory! Go get ‘em."
-Anne Lamott, Writer Pep Talk for NaNoWriMo 2019, www.nanowrimo.org 

This is my fourth year participating in NaNoWriMo, but the first year I'm tackling two novel drafts. So, keep the coffee brewing and the pep talks coming, as I'm going to need plenty of caffeine and encouragement to keep the words flowing! 

My first novel is the YA steampunk fantasy I've had in the works since spring of this year. My goal is to increase the story by another 20k words. My second and newest work-in-progress is women's fiction with romance, wanderlust, mystery, and a touch of magic. With only the scrawny bones of an outline, I'm starting from scratch with it and hoping to gain 20k words by month's end.

For readers who know me in 'real life,' you know that I'm a Mom of two. My writing time, like that of most writers, has to be scheduled. For me, it means carving out time when no one else is awake or at home, and planning solo visits to the library or local coffee-shops. It's hard not to feel guilty when doing so, but in order to honor my commitment to NaNoWriMo and meet my writing goals, it must be done. And so, I look back to Anne Lamott's inspiring words to get down to business. The business of following my dreams. 

"Set the habit. One hour, or one page, one passage, one day at a time. Victory! Go get ‘em."

Thank you for visiting my Author Blog! Be Fearless in your goals, & Have an Inspired day. 

Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Witchy Brew for Halloween!

Waking in darkened gloom, 
I work by the light of a blood red moon,
Mixing a potion delicious with fright, 
Its green liquid gleaming in wolf's moonlight. 

Thick with goo my cauldron bubbles,
My wand casts a spell; in size it doubles.
Add a pinch of spiders, frog toe, eye of newt,
Now dog's tongue, bat wool and dragon's fruit,

The children sleep soundly til' a howling they hear,
Then up from above, six small eyes appear.
Hee-hee-hee! I cackle. Add a slip of yew.
Three heads shall deliciously add to my brew!

You can also read Witch's Brew, along with other scary stories & poems, on Storyberries.com

Thank you for visiting my Author Blog. Have a safe & spooky Halloween! -Stacie 

Friday, October 25, 2019

The White Lady of Kinsale

The White Lady of Kinsale

by Stacie Eirich 

Silent and sorrowful, she haunts the soldiers of Charles Fort at their posts,
floating above its ramparts, a bride in an ivory wedding dress, willowy and pale.

Lithe and mournful, she strikes fear and sadness into their hearts,
raven hair and ebony eyes, an eerie shadow spied on moonlit nights.

Melancholy and doleful, she weeps in wretched quietude,
above tumultuous Irish seas, peering over the rocky cliffs of Kinsale.

Desolate and woeful, she dwells within its ruins for centuries - still,
forever young, a frail specter eternally grieving her lost love.

*Written for WattpadPoetry October 2019 contest, this poem was inspired by the word "Haunted" and is based on the famous 17th century legend of the White Lady of Kinsale, Ireland. She was a young bride who committed suicide on her wedding night after finding her husband dead (at the hand of her father), jumping off the ramparts of Charles Fort in County Cork. Her ghostly spirit, dressed in a white wedding gown, is said to wander the fort still, bringing fear and sorrow to those who see her. Thank you for visiting my Author Blog, and may you have a frightful, fun All Hallow's Eve! -Stacie
*To read a recent article and view a documentary (different from above) on The White Lady of Kinsale, visit:  https://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/haunting-lady-white-kinsale
*You can also read this poem in Mosaic, A Short Works Collection on Wattpad: The White Lady of Kinsale by Stacie Eirich

Friday, October 4, 2019

Beneath the Bright Sky

Spring, 1939 
I was nineteen and in my second year at King's College; I'd spent my first year studying literature in its cloistered halls. I met Thomas on a weekend outing to Hyde Park. He hadn't been a soldier or pilot that day, but a handsome young man. He'd spied me as we strolled through the stone archway into the gardens beyond. When my eyes met his, we'd fallen into step with each other like old friends. He held out his hand with a kind smile, one that felt as if he had never been, nor ever would be, a stranger.
We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the park, my skirt brushing his leg as we walked and talked, hand-in-hand. When daylight waned, the moon rising in the sky, we'd kissed our goodbyes at the college gates. It was no longer safe in the city after nightfall; the threat of air-raids kept Londoners in a constant state of fear. That evening with Thomas, however - I felt freer, happier - aware this was a moment to seize, my fear momentarily swept away.
But as open as my heart felt, I knew the realities of a country beset upon by Nazis, a people driven underground by the drone of enemy planes looming in the darkness above. It was the sound of evil, and when it came, the bells of London began to peel. You ran, hid - and if you were lucky, lived another day.
Autumn, 1946
I shook my head, wiping dirt from my hands as I stood. I had traded dresses for trousers, the bustle of city life for quiet countryside.  The air was fresher, the land richer, and life quieter, simpler. I tended my fields and felt pride in their small harvests. My pickled and canned preserves sold well, and I read, wrote and studied in the evenings. It wasn't the life I'd planned, but it was the life I had - and I was grateful for it.
I often thought of Thomas in those long, quiet evenings. But time had drawn a mist over his memory, and I knew that someday, the feeling of his kiss would fade. I kept a wooden box by my bedside with the mementos I had from the beautiful spring we'd spent together, before he'd gone to enemy skies. Pressed wildflowers, a book of Tennyson we'd read beneath the wide blue sky - and a single photo, taken after he joined Her Majesty's Armed Forces late that summer, 1939.
I closed my eyes, seeing his face smiling up at me, his uniform starched and pressed. There was no doubt in that smile that he would return, victorious. But Thomas never answered my letters, and when the war ended in May 1945, he hadn't returned. Officially listed MIA, I'd mourned my love privately, moving away from London three months later.
The wind grew heavier at my back, shadows creeping higher as late afternoon spilled into early evening. I opened my eyes, watching the heather sway. The sky hung empty and quiet. Then the rumble and whine of an engine came, and a terrible sound of crunching metal as an airplane spiraled downwards, crashing in the fields. I gaped, frozen in surprise. The airplane had landed only a few hundred feet from where I stood in the heather.
My baskets dropped and forgotten, I ran as fast as my boots would take me towards the airplane. I had seen the letters, written in faded black script on its side as it came to a crashing halt: LT. Thomas M. Williams.
"Thomas!" I cried, rushing towards the broken plane. Thomas lay sprawled on his side, unconscious, a few feet away; he must've jumped or been thrown upon impact. "Are you alright?" I gasped, shaking as I knelt beside him. "Please, answer me." I pleaded.
A few moments passed, the only sounds my unsteady breathing and the song of crickets as night fell. I reached a shaking hand to touch his face, tracing his features with my fingers. "You came back to me." I whispered, kissing his cheek, letting my tears fall.
"Amelia, my love," he said, his breath ragged. "I am here. I am alive," his chest rose and fell, his eyes fluttering open, sparks of blue in the darkness. "And I am yours, always." His smile was mixed with tears; the war had left its mark upon him. We were both older than we had been that beautiful spring. But fate had been kind to us, and our love hadn't diminished.
"Rest now," I told him after he'd seen the doctor, eaten some broth, washed and gotten settled into bed. "We'll talk after you wake."
"Millie," he asked, his fingers laced in mine. "Will you lay beside me, until I am asleep?"
"There isn't anywhere else I want to be," I nodded, "Than here, beside you."
"Amelia," he said, "My Millie. Marry me. Be my wife, as you should've been years ago." He faltered, his breath shallow. "Will you, my dearest?"
I pulled the blankets back, gently sidling in beside him, my legs touching his. Then I moved our fingers together across my chest to the warm space where my heart lay beating, ferocious and alive.
"Yes, Thomas," I answered, "My love. A thousand times, yes!" I smiled, a shiver of delight stretching from the tips of my toes through the lengths of my fingers. "And I'll tend to you as I do the fields, so tenderly that you have no choice but to mend."
I traced the curves of his neck, his chin, his smile. Thomas sighed deeply and closed his eyes, his breaths slowing and fingers relaxing as he fell into deep, dreamless sleep. I watched the steady rise and fall of his chest, listening to the sounds he made as night stretched into dawn. We woke to a sky of brightest blue, the beginning of our life together.
I hope you enjoyed Millie & Thomas's romantic story of perseverance and love in a time of war. Written for a flash fiction contest, it's the first historical romance I've ever written - but it won't be the last. :-) Thank you for reading, and for visiting my Author Blog. Have a wonderful day. -Stacie 
*This story is also posted in Mosaic: A Short Works Collection by Stacie Eirich on Wattpad. See it here: Beneath the Bright Sky by Stacie Eirich

Friday, September 13, 2019

September's Bliss: A Poem

A crisp tinge of wood-smoke scents the air,
leaves bustling bright in noonday sun,
florid with color,
dazzling gold, ochre and copper, 
a brisk wind filling me
with boundless joy.
Awestruck, I am enrapt in September's bliss,
Blithe in this dance of autumn's kiss.
Thank you for reading my fall-inspired poem. It was written for Wattpad Poetry's September 2019 Contest, in which we were challenged to include 5 specific words from a list in the poem. The 5 words I included were: Boundless, Brisk, Bustling, Blithe, Florid. If you enjoyed my poem, please drop me a comment - and I'll happily respond! Have a beautiful autumn day, and thank you for visiting my Author Blog.  :-) -Stacie

*To read the poem on Wattpad, in Mosaic: A Short Works Collection, click on this link: September's Bliss by Stacie Eirich
*To read an Author Interview with Stacie, featured in the September 2019 issue of Mystique Magazine - click on the image or link below. 

Friday, August 16, 2019

Writing Update! Fall 2019

After taking time away this summer, I'm excited to get back to the business of writing with the coming fall.

I currently have some works-in-progress available to readers on Wattpad; Mosaic (a collection of short stories & poems). Click on the link below to read them for free! If you are a member of Wattpad, you can also vote and comment. Interacting with readers is always insightful and fun; drop me a note and I'll be happy to respond.

Mosaic: A Short Works Collection

My final writing project-in-progress for this season is one I'm drafting offline. It's perhaps the one I'm most excited about; a story that has been percolating in my writer mind since last summer. I'm not ready to share any of it yet, but I will tell you that it has three things in it that I absolutely love: A European Locale, a Romantic Mystery, and a Bookshop Cat.

Thank you for following me on this creative journey. Happy Reading & Writing. Have a magical day!


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Listen to Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone, the Audiobook!

I'm so excited to announce that Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone, Book 3 of The Dream Chronicles, is now an Audiobook! Available on Audible, Amazon & iTunes. 

Readers will be mesmerized by actress Deva Marie Gregory's enchanting performance of Suzie, Jack, Elena & Liam's dragon-filled, magical adventure! 

Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone Audiobook Links

Thank you for stopping by my Author Blog. Have a magical day! :-) -Stacie 

Friday, May 3, 2019

Happy May! Spring Writing Adventures & Exciting News!

I really enjoyed reading, writing, and sharing poetry to celebrate National Poetry Month in April, and am looking forward to a beautiful spring month full of new writing adventures in May. Thank you to those who followed my poetic journeys; you have read my heart within my poems. No matter what stories or novels I'm working on, I will always continue to create in the beautiful, inspiring genre that made me fall in love with the written word so many years ago.

And now....drum roll, please...some exciting news!

I'm happy to announce that the audiobook for Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone is now in production, and will be available on Audible, Amazon & Itunes early this summer! Like the previous two books, the third & final novel in The Dream Chronicles series is narrated by actor Deva Marie Gregory. Her vibrant, engaging voice brings all my characters (human and animal) to life in a whimsical, lyrical performance perfect for my young listeners.

I also have some exciting publication news! Several of my poems will be published in upcoming issues of Ruby Magazine. Ruby Magazine is a beautiful publication for women by women that features inspirational stories, poetry, articles on parenting & family life, crafts, recipes & more. I'm thankful to have been published within the pages of Ruby before, and pleased to continue sharing my work with Ruby's readers! To see Ruby's current & past issues, go to: http://rubyforwomen.com/

I hope you enjoyed reading all my bookish news, and that you will continue following my writerly adventures. You can also keep up with me on Facebook @writerstacieeirich or on Instagram & Twitter @stacieeirich - Thank you for visiting my Author Blog. Have a magical day! :-) -Stacie 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Strawberry Picking: A Poem for Spring & National Poetry Month!

Strawberry Picking
Our eyes full of plump, bright red berries, 
We run through wonders spread across endless fields of green, 
Day alive with giggles of laughter and the buzzing of insects, 
Blue sky bright with smells of freshly mown grass, lit with golden beams.
Small, sticky fingers grasp my hand,
Then release, rushing to the vines,
Picking berry after berry,
In the brilliant April sunshine.
We fill our baskets to bursting,
Plucking the ripest ones from the top,
Popping their tart, seedy sweetness into our mouths,
Juice falling down our chins in pink raindrops.
Our arms loaded heavy with tasty treasure,
We sing and swing as we carry our berries home together,
Lifting our faces to feel the warm, soft breeze,
Dazzling our hearts in Spring's glorious, joyful weather.
Copyright Stacie Eirich April 2019 
*A poem written in celebration of Spring & National Poetry Month, you can also find it within my current work-in-progress on Wattpad, an anthology of poems titled Her Rainbow WIngs. 

Wishing you a wonderful Spring weekend and a Happy Easter! Thank you for visiting my Author Blog. Stay tuned for more poems, stories & works-in-progress updates! Have a magical day. :-) 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Happy National Poetry Month!

April is one of my favorite months of the year, one filled with budding flowers, springtime festivals, my daughter's birthday - and the month-long national celebration of poetry!

To kick off this spectacular month, here's a poem, Stitched like Starlight, that I recently wrote for a Wattpad poetry contest. I'm proud that it won an honorable mention, and hope it inspires you. Click on the image or text link below to read!

I'll be back later this month to share another poem! I'll also be sharing poetry, quotes from famous poems & poets during April on my social media pages @stacieeirich (instagram, twitter & facebook) & @spacetodreampoetry (instagram only). 

You can also follow along this month with my newest work-in-progress, a young adult steampunk fantasy.  I'll be working towards a goal of 10,000 completed words during April's Camp NaNoWriMo.  

I hope you'll continue to enjoy my poetry & stories, and that you are having a wonderful start to spring! Thank you for visiting my Author Blog, and have a magical day. :-) -Stacie 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Monday, March 4, 2019

Update! Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone

Back in December, I decided to delay the publication of the third and final book in The Dream Chronicles, Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone. Since then, I've had a flurry of writing inspirations - including new poetry, short stories, and Dragon Kingdom chapters.

I'm pleased to announce that Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone is now completed, and will soon be published on Amazon! And, like the very first book of poems I ever published - Dragon Kingdom will be published in March.

It seems fitting to me that the final book of The Dream Chronicles should come in the same month that my very first book, Space to Dream: Poems was published three years ago. Both books hold a special significance to me, because they are the birth and the completion of a dream. That dream has been with me since I began writing as a young teenager - to see my work on the page, in reader's hands - and to be a published author.

The journey to publication for me, like so many other writers, has been a long road of writing, re-writing, and submitting my work to editors, publishers and agents. I've had a few small successes with academic articles, short fiction and poetry in journals and magazines. But ultimately, I turned to self-publication in 2016 because I simply wanted to reach readers, and see my work in a printed, bound book. I believed in myself and my creative process enough to publish not one or two - but six separate books in three years. And with Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone, that number makes seven.

Seven isn't a magic number, or one that's going to suddenly make me an overnight author success story. Every writer who really wants to make a life at their craft knows the truth of it - if you want to be a writer, you simply must write. Every day. And when you finish a story - submit it, publish it - do what your heart must with it - and then move on to the next one.

Most of us have not one but many stories within us, and in the end - a writer is someone who makes the time to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard - and get them down. I'm no different. And the approaching spring brings with it a fresh start for the new stories and rhymes that have been brewing & bubbling in my head while I've been completing Dragon Kingdom.

In the coming months, I plan to share some of those creations with you - here on my Author Blog, on social media - and on Wattpad. I also plan to continue submitting to literary journals, magazines and small presses. I hope you'll stay tuned for my creative journey -and continue reading, enjoying and supporting my work. Because in the end, being a writer is all about you - the reader! Without you, I simply wouldn't be able to do what I do. Thank you.

Look for the full paperback & digital editions of the book on Amazon later this month and fly to Dragon Kingdom with Suzie & Jack for the exciting final adventure in The Dream Chronicles! :-)

Thank you so much for visiting my Author Blog. Have a magical day! -Stacie 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sunset in Bali, A Poem

Sunset in Bali
A poem by Stacie Eirich

She gazed into the aquamarine sea, 
her lovers hands softly caressing her own, 
as slow ripples gently moved, 
and the sky blazed in peach-pink glory, 
the sun beginning her slow descent, 
from the beauty of the Balinese sky.

He pressed his lips to hers and lingered 
over their tender kiss, his fingers playing lightly 
with tendrils of her auburn tresses, 
then drawing light, playful circles 
around the delicate softness of her earlobes.

The sea burned bright with colors as she giggled, 
moving her lips to his cheek, his nose, his eyelids, 
spilling kisses onto him like sweet, warm rain 
as the splendor of the day 
turned to the rapture of night, 
the passion of their love settling
like the calm of the deep, flowing sea at their feet. 💕

Written for the February Is Love contest at www.earnestwrites.com
You can also find it on Instagram @earnest_writes & on Wattpad @ec_poetry
Thank you to Earnest Writes for the inspiration! 

I hope you enjoyed my romantic poem, which was based on the gorgeous photo above. Thank you for reading, and for visiting my Author Blog. Have a magical day!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Poetry & Valentines

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Reading! 

Today you can get free e-copies of my poetry books on Amazon. 

Follow the link or click the image below to claim your free reads. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you for visiting my Author Blog. Have a magical day! -Stacie

Monday, January 21, 2019

Newly Published! Short Kids Stories

I'm happy to announce that young readers can now find three of my stories at Short Kids Stories. A website that features contemporary and classic stories for children of all ages, it's a fun place for parents and caregivers to browse and read-along with kids. Every story there is available for free, and many stories include colorful illustrations. 

Here's a link to my Author Page there: Author Page for Stacie Eirich: Short Kids Stories

I hope readers will enjoy my three stories featured there! They are: 

A magical tale of friendship & creativity for ages 6-8 or 9-12.
*This story was previously published in Wee Tales, Vol 8 

An illustrated story celebrating nature, diversity & imagination for ages 3-5 or 6-8.
This story is also published @www.storyberries.com

The story of a young girl's nervous & exhilarating first time onstage, for ages 6-8 or 9-12.  

Thank you for visiting my Author Blog. Have a magical day! -Stacie 

Friday, January 11, 2019

January Publishing News: Scarlet Leaf Review

Happy New Year 2019! I'd like to thank all my readers for supporting my books in 2018 - whether you shared them with others, wrote a review, or contacted me with positive & encouraging feedback - I'm so grateful. Readers are the lifeblood of writers! You make it possible to continue my creative endeavours. Thank you.

I'm happy to announce some January publishing news! You can find five of my poems in the latest edition of Scarlet Leaf Review, a literary magazine that publishes poetry, fiction & creative non-fiction.

Stay tuned for news on my upcoming children's novella, Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone, Book 3 of The Dream Chronicles. I also have some new works-in-progress which might surprise you! Thank you again for reading, and for visiting my Author Blog. Have a magical day! -Stacie

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