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Monday, March 4, 2019

Update! Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone

Back in December, I decided to delay the publication of the third and final book in The Dream Chronicles, Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone. Since then, I've had a flurry of writing inspirations - including new poetry, short stories, and Dragon Kingdom chapters.

I'm pleased to announce that Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone is now completed, and will soon be published on Amazon! And, like the very first book of poems I ever published - Dragon Kingdom will be published in March.

It seems fitting to me that the final book of The Dream Chronicles should come in the same month that my very first book, Space to Dream: Poems was published three years ago. Both books hold a special significance to me, because they are the birth and the completion of a dream. That dream has been with me since I began writing as a young teenager - to see my work on the page, in reader's hands - and to be a published author.

The journey to publication for me, like so many other writers, has been a long road of writing, re-writing, and submitting my work to editors, publishers and agents. I've had a few small successes with academic articles, short fiction and poetry in journals and magazines. But ultimately, I turned to self-publication in 2016 because I simply wanted to reach readers, and see my work in a printed, bound book. I believed in myself and my creative process enough to publish not one or two - but six separate books in three years. And with Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone, that number makes seven.

Seven isn't a magic number, or one that's going to suddenly make me an overnight author success story. Every writer who really wants to make a life at their craft knows the truth of it - if you want to be a writer, you simply must write. Every day. And when you finish a story - submit it, publish it - do what your heart must with it - and then move on to the next one.

Most of us have not one but many stories within us, and in the end - a writer is someone who makes the time to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard - and get them down. I'm no different. And the approaching spring brings with it a fresh start for the new stories and rhymes that have been brewing & bubbling in my head while I've been completing Dragon Kingdom.

In the coming months, I plan to share some of those creations with you - here on my Author Blog, on social media - and on Wattpad. I also plan to continue submitting to literary journals, magazines and small presses. I hope you'll stay tuned for my creative journey -and continue reading, enjoying and supporting my work. Because in the end, being a writer is all about you - the reader! Without you, I simply wouldn't be able to do what I do. Thank you.

Look for the full paperback & digital editions of the book on Amazon later this month and fly to Dragon Kingdom with Suzie & Jack for the exciting final adventure in The Dream Chronicles! :-)

Thank you so much for visiting my Author Blog. Have a magical day! -Stacie 

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