Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Holiday Sweets & Bookish Treats!

Happy Holidays, Readers! 

Today I'm unwrapping some Holiday sweets & Bookish treats for you, including a Christmas poem, a collection of Wintry short stories and some exciting writing news!


The Christmas Star

Hands outstretched to crisp, radiant sun,

Her laughter, boisterous, her smile genuine, bright,
A season's joy sprung pine-fresh with frost anew, just begun,
 Giggling, playing, dreaming, she stretches in December's cool beams of light.

Hope rises like foam in clouds of ice-blue, 
She sings of angels, of gifts, of wonder and love,
Her song ascending with leaps, bounding toward heaven, fast and true, 
In jubilant celebration, blithesome awe, hushed anticipation of the star from above.

With a brilliance unmatched it shines in Winter's cold, 
Its warmth bringing bliss to souls ravaged and weary, 

Rushing into their hearts, its golden waves painting a path so bold,

Rejoicing together, resilient, through times dark and dreary.

She closes her eyes and sways, enveloped in shimmering light,
The Christmas Star proclaiming Peace through the still, silent night. 
Copyright Stacie Eirich, December 10 2019

You can read one of my short stories, Beneath the Bright Sky, in the Winter edition of Pink Dandelion Quarterly, a chick-literary magazine for writers and readers of women's fiction & romantic comedy. Free to read on Wattpad!


And now for some exciting writing news! As of December 2019, I'm a contributing writer to the St. Tammany Community News. Founded and published by Ann Benoit, this local, digital outlet aims to bring local news to Lousiana's Northshore cities within St. Tammany Parish. Click on the link to take a look! St. Tammany Community News You can also find city-specific Community News pages on Facebook, like & follow the ones you want to receive updates from. 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year with your family & friends! Thank you so much for reading and supporting my writing this year. I hope you'll continue on the journey with me in 2020! Thank you for visiting my Author Blog. May your holiday be filled with wonderful, magical experiences and people you love. :-) -Stacie

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