Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Return of Spring

Spring is, without a doubt, my most favorite season of the year. A time of blossoms and light - cool,  refreshing rains and fresh greenery - nature has a way of finding itself at the forefront of my writing in springtime. In fact, I wrote and published an entire book of poetry on the subject in 2016.

This spring, I'm busy writing several prose works-in-progress, including one for the Open Novella Contest III on Wattpad. But I can't ever stay away from poetry for long, especially during the season that I find most inspiring for verse. So I'll be participating in National Poetry Month in April again this year, writing a new series of poems while reading and supporting other poets.

Another exciting thing I'm doing this season is serving as an Engagement Ambassador, which will include supporting Wattpad writers through active, positive participation on official Wattpad profiles, within its forums and the Wattpad community-at-large. This includes, for example, anything from vetting official reading lists to judging contests to creation of new content for Wattpad profiles. I look forward to connecting with writers from all over the world and helping new writers flourish as they navigate Wattpad!

Offline, I'll be celebrating my birthday along with my daughter's birthday, attending numerous spring activities for my children and seasonal festivals, and preparing for the end of the school term in May. For me, this means organizing my time so that writing is prioritized before breaking from it for a different summer schedule in June & July.

I hope that you are making time to enjoy the spring sunshine, a good book and time with the ones you love. Wishing you a beautiful spring; thank you for visiting my Author Blog. 😀 -Stacie

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