Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Sunshine & Starlight

Soon after my last blog-post in March, life turned upside down with the onset of a worldwide pandemic. My family has been lucky; we are safe, well - and navigating our days at home as best we can.

A typical day for us includes morning cleanup & chores, reading, homeschooling, and plenty of time spent outdoors on sunny days. We, like many other families, have cleaned out our closets, baked and played board games, and taken bike rides together. We've made crafts and talked to friends and cousins over Zoom, built Legos and watched movies together.

In seven weeks, we've done more together than in many months time.

Have we also yelled, cried and had moments where we needed to be alone in our bedrooms, or to go on a solo bike ride? Absolutely! And I think that's OK.

What matters is we are making it through; we are able to find the sunshine in each day, and still look up at the stars each night.

We are safe, we are well - and we are in this together. 

Throughout April, I wrote a-poem-a-day as a way to celebrate National Poetry Month, and to find the beauty in each day spent at home. You can read the entire 30-poem collection for free on Wattpad; it is an inspirational collection that I hope will uplift readers.

My work-in-progress for May is a historical fiction story set in 19th century Paris that I began writing in February for Wattpad's Open Novella Contest. Unfortunately, although my story made it through to the third round, I did not submit it for the finals. Poetry was what my heart needed for April, and so I have no regrets! The story will still get written, just on my own, slower timeline.

May you & your families be safe & well. Thank you for visiting my Author Blog; wishing you a day filled with sunshine & stars! 😊 -Stacie 

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