Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Singing through the Storms

Summer is swiftly giving way to fall, and in a year of storms, music and verses have given me solace and hope. At the times I have been too overwhelmed to write this year, the poetry of song has carried me. So today I'm happy to share with you the creative works and supportive people that have lifted me through seasons of uncertainty. 

They are the voices and songs of The Stay at Home Choir, a global community of singers formed in quarantine to help musicians continue their craft through lockdown. Open to amateur, student, professional and retired singers alike, ranging from beginners to experts - SAHC has grown into a family of thousands who have formed friendships across the globe while creating beautiful music. 

I've been a member of the choir since April, and my SAHC experiences with singers, musicians, and composers around the world have raised me from darkness to light, doubt to hope - and brought words back to my pen when it had fallen silent. To founders Tori Longdon & Jamie Wright, and the hard-working SAHC crew, I am forever thankful - your loving community of singers and the uplifting experiences you've provided has been water for the soul in a time of drought. 


The Stay at Home Choir presents O Radiant Dawn from The Strathclyde Motets by James MacMillan with The Sixteen, Premiered June 27 2020.

Morning Splendor

A poem inspired during rehearsals for Sir James Macmillan's 'O Radiant Dawn'

by Stacie Eirich 

How glorious the sun breaks over the horizon, 
Resplendent in wonder, golden rays bright, 
Heralding the day, rapturous delight!

How splendid the light beams across the sky, 
Bursting in song, many voices aligning, 
Singing as one, joyously shining!

How harmonious the morning flows into afternoon, 
Drifting in legato lines, peaceful phrases - blissful tranquility, 
Connecting and rising together through music - magnificent serenity.


The Stay at Home Choir and Classic FM present the digital premiere of a mass singalong of Sir Karl Jenkins' The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace, which premiered 20 years ago at Classic FM Live at London's Royal Albert Hall to mark the new millennium, Premiered Sept. 6, 2020.

Song for a New Day

A poem written in quarantine, during rehearsals with The Stay at Home Choir

by Stacie Eirich 

On the cusp of morn, we wait silently 
for light to break forth, birdsong to announce 
the start of a new day, a new dawn 
when we will wake, rise - 
travel this vast world, experience it anew 
hug our friends, kiss our families 
sink our toes in the sand, share meals and return 
to life - perhaps a little differently 
than before.

On the cusp of morn, we begin to sing 
for May to herald a new beginning 
the start of a new day, a new dawn 
a fresh page, brimming with possibility 
overflowing with hope, abundant with love - 
this vast world, alive with a new energy 
calling us to care for each other
care for our earth
care for a universe
filled with so much wonder
so much joy 
so much yet to astound us 
in each new day.


I hope you've enjoyed these songs and verses, that they were a bit of sunshine in a grey hour. If you'd like to hear more beautiful music from The Stay at Home Choir, click here: SAHC YouTube Channel or here if you'd like to sing with us: SAHC Website

Thank you for visiting my Author Blog today! May you be safe & well, and may you always keep creating.❤ -Stacie 

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