Thursday, February 4, 2021

Heart's Echo, a Poem for February

Heart's Echo

The pianists’ fingers brush the keys, light and flexible as silken spring, 

effervescent as the clear dew of morn, blithe as the flight of a sparrow. 

Artfully she weaves each phrase, sweeping the ivories with effortless ease, 

enchanting melodies floating on the gentle breeze of a sonata, 

the graceful waltz of a serenade, the delicate allure of a nocturne. 

Her musicality flawless, 

Her desire fluent.

Exquisitely she holds within, a rapture that threatens to shatter, 

an ecstasy that consumes in exquisite passion, emptying unto its end - 

and she,  -  left bereft of song or measure or utterance,

Her rose petals scattered across the pianoforte,

Her heart an echoing requiem in stillness. 

Copyright @Stacie Eirich February 4, 2021


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