Monday, May 3, 2021

Dream of Flight

Our eyes open to the dawn, bodies breaking into bright open skies

Our minds clear of all worries, blinking breathless into the dazzling blue 

Our cheeks wet with long-awaited tears, sun shining upon our joy born anew!  

Glory! Glory! Our hearts come home. 

Our voices ascend in a thunderous chorus, spilling splendor across tumultuous seas   

Our thoughts surrendered to a warmth ever-rising, cascading colors in a wondrous promenade 

Our limbs extended in effortless energy, welcoming winds of a mighty cavalcade! 

Glory! Glory! Our hearts come home

Our spirits leap in exuberance, dancing delighted in the magnificence of a golden morn

Our hopes blaze brilliant, flowing full in an astonishing dream of flight 

Our souls twine together, soaring spectacular with wings of light! 

                                            Glory! Glory! Our hearts are home.  

Copyright Stacie Eirich, May 3 2021 


My final poem for National Poetry Month 2021 was inspired by composer Christopher Tin's epic piece of music, Sogno di Volare. In Italian, this translates to "Dream of Flight." In January and February this year I had the privilege of working with Chris on this piece with over a thousand singers worldwide in The Stay at Home Choir.

On Friday April 30th, our recorded performance of Sogno di Volare premiered in audio form on BBC Three and La Scalia Radio stations and our video performance premiered this past Sunday, May 2nd. I'm enormously proud of being a part of this epic production that is glorious in both sound and visuals! 

You can read my April collection of poems, titled Serenade of Spring, free on Wattpad at this link: Serenade of Spring, a poetry collection by Stacie Eirich
This month, I'll be continuing to write my YA fantasy novella, Song of the Stars, though I've decided to take it offline and write at a slower pace. Thus, I will not be submitting it for the final round of Wattpad's Open Novella contest. I'm grateful for the support I've received and will continue to interact with readers of my poetry and short stories there.
In music news, I have just finished recording a new video project with The Stay at Home Choir and Gareth Malone, and will be working on an audio album with the choir over the summer which will feature classical works. I'll also soon be recording a hymn with The Self Isolation Choir, and a song with the Forget-Me-Not Chorus. Last, I'm looking forward to the upcoming digital Resilience concert for The Washington Chorus on June 11th. Details & ticket link below: 

An artistic journey of perseverance and endurance through music, filmmaking, and poetry. The Washington Chorus, Eugene Rogers, Artistic Director, invites you to "Resilience," their upcoming digital choral program highlighting the power of music and the human spirit. In collaboration with visual artist Camilla Tassi and narrator Shannon Finney, this concert includes a world premiere excerpt from the TWC commissioned work Here's The Thing by Julian Wachner and Rome Prize-winning poet Samiya Bashir which features The Washington Chorus and Sphinx's EXIGENCE Vocal Ensemble accompanied by Wei-Han Wu; Ralph Vaughan Williams' sublime Serenade to Music featuring TWC soloists and violinist Akemi Takayama; pianist Lara Downes performing Margaret Bond's stunning composition Troubled Water and a stirring setting of Rollo Dilworth's Freedom's Plow featuring Dr. Dilworth on piano and guest tenor soloist LaVonte Heard. 

The Washington Chorus: Resilience Concert Ticket Link


Livestream premiere on June 11, 2021. Ticket holders will have access to the program through their tickets until June 30, 2021. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I wish you a beautiful beginning to May. Be safe & well! 🌷🌸✍🎶-Stacie 

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