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Stacie began writing poetry as a young teen, and is passionate about sharing poetry with readers of all ages today. She has written and published four collections of poetry. Below are her two larger collections, which are available on Amazon in paperback & digital editions.  

Space to Dream: Poems is a collection of free verse and prose poems, published in March 2016. The poems are organized into themes including: Natural Wonders, Romance & Journeys, Musical Interludes, Creation & the Arts, Dark Fantasy, and more. Each poem has been crafted with sensual language and colourful imagery in mind, and many poems in the collection are influenced by a love and knowledge of music.

Space to Dream: Poems Paperback Edition

Listen to the Stacie's readings of selected poems from Space to Dream on Soundcloud:


Into The Light: Poems combines two previously published short collections (Canvas of Imagination: Poems & Spring Awakening: Poems) with new poems written from Summer 2016-Spring 2017.

Inspired by nature, love, books & writing, the stars & dreams, Into The Light: Poems is inspirational, romantic and hopeful. Influenced by fairy tales, these poems reflect a sense of wonder and creative spirit that the author hopes is alive in everyone.

Into The Light: Poems: Paperback Edition

Into The Light: Poems: Kindle Edition

Listen to Stacie's readings of selected poems from Into The Light on Soundcloud.


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