Friday, May 25, 2018

Kingdom of Dreams

Here is the opening poem to the third and final book in The Dream ChroniclesDragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone.

Dragon Kingdom
A Kingdom in the sky, it floats above the clouds,
filled with magical, mythical birds of all colors and types,
both mysterious and magical, it remains unseen by those below.
Ruled by a fiery Dragon Queen,
her silver scales glistening diamonds
her voice musical & majestic.

The Dragon Castle glitters with jewel colored wings,
whilst sounds of birdsong float continuously through the air,
and fairies play, their mischievous eyes glinting as they laugh,
their bell-like voices mixing with chirps in the breeze.

Dragons soar in figure eight patterns, cutting a brilliant rainbow
through an azure sky, the yellow meadowlark trilling her song,
as she sits high atop the castle tower,
marking time like a clock at noon.

Then the clouds part as a shock of colorful wings
blaze through them, the sun lowering
and setting in a brilliant orange-red glow,
bathing Dragon Castle in an almost ghostly light,
each turret marked
by a pair of watchful eyes
and a set of feathered wings at its perch.

Night rises with clear and full moonlight,
shifting the sky from crimson to soft velvet blue,
and the voice of the nightingale sings,
the sky’s canvas deepening to a rich midnight purple.

A Kingdom of dreams, filled with fairy magic,
it shimmers with light, born from stories,
and fed with imaginations, it is the magical place
where the Wishing Stone was created.
Copyright Stacie Eirich May 25, 2018

I hope you enjoyed this early glimpse into Dragon Kingdom. I'll be taking a blogging break in June & July to enjoy a fun-filled summer with my kids.  Be sure to sign up for a summer reading program and spend time with some good books! Here's a great link to get started: 15 Free Summer Reading Programs
Here's a peek into what I'll be blogging about this Fall 2018
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Dragon Kingdom: Irish Myths & Legends, Mythical Beasts from Around the World, & more Previews from Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone, Book 3 of The Dream Chronicles
Thank you for visiting My Author Blog. Have a magical day! –Stacie 

*Note* Any shared artworks in this or future posts are NOT illustrations from my upcoming book. They are free google images. 

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