Thursday, January 2, 2020

A New Year & A New Novel

Happy 2020 Readers! I'm starting the New Year off with a New Novel, and am excited to share its beginnings with you. A fantasy with action, magic & romance - it's the story I've been wanting to write for a long time. 

Is adding it to my other works-in-progress a bit crazy? Probably. But in order to follow my passion of a 'writing life' - I'm not going to limit my creative ideas. 

In other words, I'm saying yes to the Muse! And embracing the phrase "Just Write It." 

Without further ado, here is my newest work-in-progress, The Legends of Aloria. Read the Prologue free on Wattpad! Click on the image or link below. 

The forests and skies of Aloria are filled with light, warmth and life; Aloria is known as a world of eternal spring. But when the Blood Moon rises over Aloria after thousands of years, it is a world shrouded in darkness and thrown into turmoil, its warmth replaced by cold, its life withering to death. A world plagued by demons who threaten to destroy the Alorians forever.   

When Xhaiden, the leader of the Alorians, is fatally wounded, his 18-year-old daughter must take his place. She carries with her a sword imbued with light from the gods, a stone made from their tears, and a book of their heart prophecies. 

She is Nahara, The Lightbringer.  

To fulfill her destiny as leader of the Alorians and save her people, she'll need more than magic. She'll need to become a warrior. 

*Ongoing Work-In-Progress, January 2020. Cover Design by Sarah @Pennywithaney Graphics.
Thank you for visiting my Author Blog! I hope you'll continue to follow my writing journeys in 2020. Happy New Year! :-) -Stacie 

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