Friday, October 25, 2019

The White Lady of Kinsale

The White Lady of Kinsale

by Stacie Eirich 

Silent and sorrowful, she haunts the soldiers of Charles Fort at their posts,
floating above its ramparts, a bride in an ivory wedding dress, willowy and pale.

Lithe and mournful, she strikes fear and sadness into their hearts,
raven hair and ebony eyes, an eerie shadow spied on moonlit nights.

Melancholy and doleful, she weeps in wretched quietude,
above tumultuous Irish seas, peering over the rocky cliffs of Kinsale.

Desolate and woeful, she dwells within its ruins for centuries - still,
forever young, a frail specter eternally grieving her lost love.

*Written for WattpadPoetry October 2019 contest, this poem was inspired by the word "Haunted" and is based on the famous 17th century legend of the White Lady of Kinsale, Ireland. She was a young bride who committed suicide on her wedding night after finding her husband dead (at the hand of her father), jumping off the ramparts of Charles Fort in County Cork. Her ghostly spirit, dressed in a white wedding gown, is said to wander the fort still, bringing fear and sorrow to those who see her. Thank you for visiting my Author Blog, and may you have a frightful, fun All Hallow's Eve! -Stacie
*To read a recent article and view a documentary (different from above) on The White Lady of Kinsale, visit:
*You can also read this poem in Mosaic, A Short Works Collection on Wattpad: The White Lady of Kinsale by Stacie Eirich

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