Friday, September 13, 2019

September's Bliss: A Poem

A crisp tinge of wood-smoke scents the air,
leaves bustling bright in noonday sun,
florid with color,
dazzling gold, ochre and copper, 
a brisk wind filling me
with boundless joy.
Awestruck, I am enrapt in September's bliss,
Blithe in this dance of autumn's kiss.
Thank you for reading my fall-inspired poem. It was written for Wattpad Poetry's September 2019 Contest, in which we were challenged to include 5 specific words from a list in the poem. The 5 words I included were: Boundless, Brisk, Bustling, Blithe, Florid. If you enjoyed my poem, please drop me a comment - and I'll happily respond! Have a beautiful autumn day, and thank you for visiting my Author Blog.  :-) -Stacie

*To read the poem on Wattpad, in Mosaic: A Short Works Collection, click on this link: September's Bliss by Stacie Eirich
*To read an Author Interview with Stacie, featured in the September 2019 issue of Mystique Magazine - click on the image or link below. 

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