Thursday, February 4, 2021

Heart's Echo, a Poem for February

Heart's Echo

The pianists’ fingers brush the keys, light and flexible as silken spring, 

effervescent as the clear dew of morn, blithe as the flight of a sparrow. 

Artfully she weaves each phrase, sweeping the ivories with effortless ease, 

enchanting melodies floating on the gentle breeze of a sonata, 

the graceful waltz of a serenade, the delicate allure of a nocturne. 

Her musicality flawless, 

Her desire fluent.

Exquisitely she holds within, a rapture that threatens to shatter, 

an ecstasy that consumes in exquisite passion, emptying unto its end - 

and she,  -  left bereft of song or measure or utterance,

Her rose petals scattered across the pianoforte,

Her heart an echoing requiem in stillness. 

Copyright @Stacie Eirich February 4, 2021


Thank you for reading my musical, romantic poem. It was written for a poetry contest, based on the photo prompt above.

For those following my works-in-progress - you can read my latest novellas on Wattpad. Here are the links:

Song of the Stars is my newest work-in-progress, started just this week. I'll be writing it during Wattpad's Open Novella Contest, through the Spring of 2021. In the past, this contest has been a great motivator and has spurred me to not only finish two novellas, but also make connections with many supportive writers.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I wish you a day filled with creativity and wonder. May you be safe & well. -Stacie 

Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year 2021!



The new year is already bright with sunshine outside my window this morning, and I'm ready to meet 2021 with hope in my heart for better times!  

Here's a few of the things I'm exciting to be working on in January ---

1) Sogno di Volare with composer Christopher Tin & The Stay at Home Choir
Our newest choral work is kicking the new year off by taking to the skies! This epic, inspirational piece celebrates human achievement and aspirations, and is the perfect way to start afresh in 2021. Click on the link below to find out more and sing with us!  

2) Daughter of the Stars, a YA fantasy-in-progress

A new, offline work-in-progress, this story follows teenage Nova as she navigates life among her family on earth - and life among celestial royalty as a daughter of the stars. I'll share snippets from this story here on my blog later this year, so if you are a fantasy fan - be on the lookout for Nova's starry journey! 

3) The Divine Lady W....A Bridgerton Fanfiction

My newest and most surprising work-in-progress was inspired by the red-hot Netflix series Bridgerton (books by Julia Quinn), a regency-era romantic drama with steam, scandal and scintillating fun! My fanfiction will star familiar characters that belong to Ms. Quinn but also a few of my own invention, as well as some new relationship & plot twists of my own design. This one will be purely for entertainment...and therefore will be available to read in full on Wattpad as I write, sans editing.

May you & your family be safe & well as you celebrate the New Year holiday, and I look forward to sharing my creative projects with you in 2021! 😊 -Stacie 

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