Praise for Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny by Stacie Eirich:

Tiger Kingdom is a fun read that I picked up first for myself, and now I’m letting my children enjoy the work. Eirich does a wonderful job of merging fantasy and reality to create an exciting world for her readers.” 
 -CJ, Parent, Amazon Reader/Reviewer.

“Stacie Eirich has taken us to a world filled with magic and wonder, danger and heroics. I love that Eirich injects poetry and artwork into the narrative to further enhance the storytelling. These books would be a delightful gift for the tweens in your lives.Highly recommended.” 
-Paula Shablo, Author & Goodreads Reader/Reviewer

“Tiger Kingdom and The Book of Destiny is a portal fantasy for young readers that has a Narnia vibe, while still retaining its originality.  Sometimes books intended for children are dumbed down, but that is definitely not the case here. Readers are given opportunities to expand their vocabularies, draw conclusions, and make predictions while immersing themselves in world rich with beautiful imagery.” 
-Jason, Teacher & Reader/Reviewer

Praise for Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword by Stacie Eirich:

“An atmospheric children’s story that conjures up lovely, colorful imagery and bigger than life themes. Great for children that like heroes who are regular kids, like them, but suddenly in the midst of an adventure. Who wouldn’t want to embark on a magical quest?” 
-ReadsintheGarden, Amazon Reader/Reviewer

“The Dream Chronicles series is a wonderful addition to any child’s reading shelf. Stories that will stretch the imagination and instill a child with a sense of wonder. I highly recommend this series for young readers and those of us who like to pretend. I will definitely be reading the next story in the series!” 
-Jaci Miller, Author of The Scrying Trilogy

Praise for Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone by Stacie Eirich:

“Simply enchanting prose. Author Stacie Eirich illustrates this third kingdom in Jack and Suzie’s journey to get home with vivid, lyrical language, delightful rhymes at the start of chapters, and descriptions you can taste and smell and see.”
- Kat Kinney, Amazon Reader/Reviewer

“Dragon Kingdom is the second of the books in this series that I have had the pleasure of reading. It is written in the true tradition of a classic fairy tale, with magical creatures and stalwart heroes who rise above their fears and insecurities to save the day This series of books would be perfect for bedtime story reading, guaranteed to inspire sweet dreams. I've been completely charmed by the colorful, detailed settings and the characters as they band together to restore the wishing stone. Just a really special book series!” 
-Lori Allison, Author & Goodreads Reader/Reviewer

“In Dragon Kingdom and the Wishing Stone, Stacie Eirich and Suzanne Hunt have created a dreamy patchwork quilt of a book, its story delivered in chapters of beautifully written prose interlaced with poetry and pictures. The combination works well in depicting the world of wonder, magic, and adventure the four young protagonists of the book find themselves travelling through.”
 -Obi-Wan, Amazon Reader/Reviewer

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